Our Approach

Zombi Apothecary and Conjure Co. aims to combine traditional ingredients for your practice with antiques, relics, and sourced materials from different parts of the world. Zombi Apothecary is a privately owned and operated small business that makes many fantastic products at its shop. You can be guaranteed quality ingredients in an affordable and friendly environment.

Our Story

Zombi Apothecary and Conjure Co. is the culmination of several decades of observing the needs of the communities within the diaspora that find it difficult to locate materials to practice their traditions effectively. We do the footwork. The staff are highly qualified and initiated practitioners from various backgrounds and the proprietor is an initiated priestess in Santeria.

Our Staff

Our staff is our community. We have several members of actual practitioners within the Phoenix and surrounding areas who give classes on several subjects for those interested in Santeria, Vodou, Voodoo, Conjure, Ceremonial High Magic, and many more practices. We dispel the myths and marginalization that have misinformed the metaphysical community and choose to carry products and items that are typically not found in other metaphysical shops.


Genevieve El-Masri


Priestess of Oshun

Are you looking for anything specific?

Contact us with any questions. We are dedicated to finding or special ordering anything you may need.